Meet the Team
ultiFIT - Progress Over Perfection
Until now, ultiFIT® has only been available as a class option in gyms in select markets. Wanted to make a further reaching impact, co-creators Brian Redard and Tori Clement, are excited to design and deliver ultiFIT on-demand workouts. 
"I love the workouts Brian and Tori put together for ultiFIT! Every day is a different challenge and pushes me to become a better overall athlete." - Pete Kelly, ultiFIT student for 2 years
Professional obstacle athlete and youth coach, Jesse "Flex" Labreck will be leading you through your daily workouts. 
"Jesse is an awesome coach. She's very encouraging and supportive and gives great, easy to understand advice on my technique." - Maggie Owen, 15 years old
Daily workouts are delivered on the UNX Now platform for a monthly subscription of $9.99/month. 
Jesse Labreck
Jesse was a rookie sensation and has kept up the success on American Ninja Warrior. She broke the record of the first rookie female to qualify for the Las Vegas Finals and has continued to qualify for Las Vegas for all 3 seasons. This solidified her nickname, “Flex Labreck.” Her tenacity and love of the sport has inspired ninjas of all ages! Jesse attended the University of Maine where she got her degree in Elementary Education and developed her athletic skills on the field becoming a track star. She has also competed on All Stars and Skill and USA vs The World where she was the second woman to complete Stage 2!
Brian Redard
Brian is a Co-Creator of ultiFIT, has a BA of Science in Kinesiology with a focus in Fitness Studies and has been training in the fitness industry since 2009. His practice and passion for obstacles began in 2014, and it’s led him to compete on Season 1 of NETFLIX’s Ultimate Beastmaster (s.1 ep. 9). He’s the mastermind behind many ultiFIT workouts and he dedicates his life to helping every day people and athletes alike, to overcome injuries and to become the best versions of themselves. “My goal is to help educate you on what it is going to take to shift your mindset, habits, and work ethic to achieve your personal fitness goals.”
Tori Clement
Tori is a Co-Creator of ultiFIT, has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and has been a Certified (ISSA) Personal Trainer since 2011. Her practice and passion for obstacles began in 2015 and it led her to compete on Season 9 and 10 of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. She not only creates ultiFIT’s workouts, but she brings a relenting positive attitude to every workout and finds a way to challenge each client no matter their fitness level or physical limitation. “My goal is to make every client stronger than they were before they met me and to show them, they are capable of more than they think they are.”