Since this is a gift, how can I surprise my husband and children without having the system to unwrap?

ultiFIT® will be sending an e-mail “member certificate” to print and place in an envelope!  The certificate will contain a link to use on a device that has a WELCOME message from Jesse. 

What is UNX and how much is a subscription?

With www.UNXNOW.com delivering the ultiFIT® workouts, the Premium subscription is $9.99 per month.  Your subscription also includes UNX professional league content and weekly recap series – Fast Forward. Since daily workouts won’t be available until March, feel free to join in the interim at $5.99 per month.

I’m so excited!  Will ultiFIT® keep me informed as to the progress of the system and start date?

YES!  We are excited as well.  The team will be communicating with you via e-mail as we line up workouts and put the finishing touches on the rig!

What will the workouts be like? 

Expect a fun workout with lots of variation for each workout.  Trainers will start with a 5-minute stretch followed by 20-minute high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) working various muscle groups, balance and agility.  Our goal at ultiFIT® is Progress Over Perfection® and we are confident you will start seeing results after just a few workouts!

Will this replace my current gym membership?

The ultiFIT® system is designed to either replace or enhance your existing workout routine.  The workout will absolutely challenge you each and every day! Many OCR athletes prefer to work various muscle groups and many parents prefer their children stay off the couch.  We will let you be the judge!

When will the my ultiFIT® system be ready for shipment?

We are planning for March 2020 shipment of our pre-sale orders placed by January 31st 2020.  On-demand workouts will start being released upon shipment of our first orders!

Can I just buy the system and not the UNXNOW membership?

Yes.  Several rock climbing and gymnastics gyms have already expressed interest as a supplement to their core business. 

Can I access ultiFIT® workouts without the equipment?

Yes!  Go to ultiFIT® online.com and register for a UNXNOW subscription that includes ultiFIT® workouts.

Why are you selling just the accessories?

Many, many parents and athletes have already spent thousands of dollars on OCR obstacles for the house, yard or garage.  The accessories will allow you to perform the workouts that are being broadcast by our trainers in the studio.

Can I link systems in a row to make a longer run of obstacles?


Will you ship worldwide?

Unfortunately, we will not be equipped to ship worldwide at this moment.  We do plan on investigating international shipping in the near future.  

How hard is the assembly of the equipment?

Assembly is very easy.  However, we recommend 3 individuals to make the process safe as bars require interim support while being assembled.  

Can the system be placed outside in a cold/wet climate?

Yes!  ultiFIT steel is powder-coated allowing for the rig to withstand harsh weather conditions.