Obstacles, fitness and fun - brought to you by ultiFIT®!
ultiFIT® is a revolutionary workout program that combines the most effective principals of obstacle course training and high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.). Whether you or your child have been training on obstacles for years or are looking for a fun option to introduce fitness into your lives, ultiFIT® on-demand workouts, powered by unxnow.com, will allow you to accomplish goals you and your family never thought possible.
ultiFIT® on-demand workouts, ranging from 25-30 minutes in length, focus on functional fitness with the goal of Progress Over Perfection®. No two workouts are the same and each are tailored to all fitness levels – from adult professional OCR racers to children just learning how fitness can be fun.
Physical Dimensions
87" Tall | 66" Wide | 85" Long

Included Accessories